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Need help identifying my shrubs

Posted: Tue Mar 13, 2012 9:52 pm
by strabary
I just moved into a new house and I have tons of beautiful trees/shrubs that are being overtaken by vines. I am not sure what the trees or the vines are. I am also not sure how to upload the pics I took onto this forum. You can see the pics at

I will try to decribe them (I am in central Florida):

vine: green, thorny with hairy pine like leaves

tree/shrub 1: tall shrub with waxy green leaves and carnation/roselike flowers in pink or white

companion trees to azaleas that is fairly tall and has brown bulbs on it

a fruit tree with green fruit that looks orangish/yellow on the ground

any help would be greatly appreciated. my yard has been unkept for a long time and i would like to bring it back to life!


Posted: Tue Mar 13, 2012 10:51 pm
by lorax
Tree/shrub 1 sounds like Camelia or possibly Magnolia.
The companion trees sound like either Horse Chestnuts or Hickories.

I couldn't access your photos (I'm one of those luddites with no Facebook account and no desire to create one). However, you should be able to use the img tags to embed the images here....

Posted: Wed Mar 14, 2012 6:04 am
by cynthia_h
On the front page of the forum, you may have seen the heading "Helpful Gardeners Tips & Suggestions for New Members," under which this topic is available: "[url=]How to Post Pictures & Photos on Forums[/url]."

Hope this helps. Likewise here as with Lorax, no Facebook nor desire to develop such an account. My personal information is not up for sale to Mr. Z or his associates.

Cynthia H.
Sunset Zone 17, USDA Zone 9

found a way to post the pics!

Posted: Wed Mar 14, 2012 2:13 pm
by strabary

explanation of pics

Posted: Wed Mar 14, 2012 2:22 pm
by strabary
pic 1 - azalea

pic 2 - bud of flower from tree/shrub 1

pic 3 - another azalea - i think

pic4 - azalea companion tree

pic 5 - flower from tree/shrub 1

pic 6 - bad pic of fruit tree

pic 7 - better pic of fruit tree

pic 8 - white flower from tree/shrub 1 or maybe a different tree/shrub than the pink one - the flowers do look different

pic 9 & 10 - the hairy vine that is overtaking all of my trees/shrubs - it is growing next to smilax vines but it looks to me as if they are two separate vines climbing up the trees - i also would appreciate any advise on how to get rid of these vines, there are too many to pull out the roots and theyve been left for so long that the vines are coming out the top of the trees. I have been removing the vines but I know they will grow back.

thanks again for all the help!!!

Posted: Thu Mar 15, 2012 1:41 am
by WildcatNurseryman
1-Catawba Rhododendron
3-'Girard's Pink' Azalia
4-Alexandria Laurel is my guess
6-Alexandria Laurell again
7-Lime/Lemon tree
9-Asparagus Fern

Posted: Thu Mar 15, 2012 2:06 am
by strabary
Wow thank you!! I googled those names & I see my backyard!!!

Now I just need to get rid of the aspargus fern & the smilax vines that are growing all over!!