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Browning Leaves Swedish Birch Tree

Hi all, my name is Karen and I recently planted a new garden with roll out lawn and around the same time a Swedish Birch Tree which was approx 90% still dormant. I have been watering heavily since lawn and tree have been planted and everything is thriving beautifully until today I noticed my now fully leafed up tree is browing from the bottom up. I am sure it is not under-watering, so could I be over-watering. Is this a symptom ? I used blood and bone when first planted and it boomed and is in full bloom. Why is it suddenly now browning off ? I do not want to lose her, please help ??? :roll:

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Yes it could be getting too much water since you also are watering, I presume your new lawn. If you can pop up the birch so that the crown of the ball sits above the ground so some of the water rolls off.

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