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Crape Myrtles for tropical climate?


I have some Crape Myrtles in North Florida and they do OK there, but I want to plant some in Puerto Rico ... everywhere I read it says that Crape Myrtles grow from zone 5 to zone 9 .. Puerto Rico is a hot zone 11 ... I've seen Crape Myrtles there in Puerto Rico and they bloom well (and I'm not talking about Queen's Crape Myrtle), so I was wondering if there Crape Myrtles for tropical places or something or is it that what I read is not totally right? :twisted:
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Generally anything can be grown anywhere as long as precautions are taken. The hunidity can be daunting but I would think that if the CM was planted in a shaded enclosed area that it might be successful say along the ocean but I doubt inland where the air can be trapped.

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