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wisteria won't flower

Hi I have awisteria vine that is growing beatifully I've hadit for about 10 years now growing in same spot gets plenty of sun is negected not fertillized and I have tried everything I can think of or read and nothing is working can anyone suggest anything
Thanks in advance for the help Ms b :?:

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Your plant could be root bound. This can be harmful to the plant because it basically suffocates it because the roots just keep circling around the pot. This restricts oxygen getting to the plant. Try replanting it in a bigger pot you might get some flowers then. I hope this helps!
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Is it in a pot? I didn't see anything in the original post that said that.

Ms b, let us know whether it is in a container or in the ground.

You said neglected and not fertilized. Perhaps it needs less neglect and some fertilizer? (But nothing too high in nitrogen, some bloom booster type phosphate fertilizer in early spring.) Do you prune it? Pruning helps the plant focus on flowering, not just growing more and more vine:

Like another vigorous vine, the grape, the wisteria will produce excess growth with limited flower (and fruit) production unless the vines are pruned. Many gardeners prune grapes and wisteria in mid-summer (and perhaps again in the fall as you described) to remove much of the excess vine production. Then, in the early spring both of these vines may be cut back so that only 3-5 buds remain from the previous year's growth

Sometimes root pruning can shock it into blooming. In the spring, push your shovel into the ground to cut the roots, all around the vine, but 2-3 feet out away from it. (This is presuming it is in the ground, not in a pot.)

I don't quite understand how "neglected, not fertilized" fits with "tried everything I can think of," but tell us more what you have tried already.
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Under normal circumstances it takes them 8 years to set flower so your timing could be off or it is slow off the mark. Fertilize in the fall and see what happens next year. Eight years is a long time.

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Abuse is the key. Extreme root pruning and cutting back to the secondary buds (from the main branch) should shock the vine into bloom. I would strongly recommend against fertilizing a Wisteria ever. The result will be another year of EXTREME foliar growth and little chance of bloom. The primise behind the extreme treatment of wisteria is to fool the plant into feeling it is doomed to die soon and needs to produce seed now or it's species is doomed to exstiction. lol It also needs abundant light.

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We had a Chinese wisteria (13leaflets?) tied to a pillar, on the 3rd year it fell over when it got to about 10' high. Tied it back and pruned the damaged parts. Never fertilized at all and it flowered on the 6th year.

We then redid the driveway, which needed the wisteria to be removed. Apparently some of the roots where left behind, and it regrew and has flowered within 4 years. Its time to prune it as it is getting into the gutters, and close to the electrical lines.
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