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Dogs and Oleanders

I have a dog and 7 or 8 oleanders lining the side of my house. I recently heard Oleanders are poisonous, even deadly, to dogs.

When my wife and I are gone, our dog has free reign of the backyard and can get to the oleanders easily.

Anyone know if it is absolutely necessary that we rip all the oleanders out are will trimming the bottoms, so that they leaves are not accessible, be enough?

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All parts of rhododendrons and azaleas are poisonous, too, and my yard is full of those shrubs. But my dogs, even when going through the chewing stage as young puppies, never bothered the shrubs. I guess all dogs are different, but I have a feeling the plants might have a bitter taste, which would discourage dogs from taking more than one bite.

My dogs were giant breeds, though, and able to withstand larger amounts of a toxic substance than tiny little dogs could. IMO, you should ask your vet what he/she thinks. Just my thoughts. ;)
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