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sick papaya tree

I live in zone 7b in central AL

I have a papaya tree that I germinated from seed. it is living in a 5 gallon pot.

It is over 2 feet tall.

Gradually over the past month or so, all the leaves are turning yellow and dropping off.

Why? Is it the weather? Should I start bringing it into the house? It is staying between 55 and 65 at night, and 75 and 85 during the day.

It will gradually begin getting cooler in the next few weeks.


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Hi Desirai!

Papaya's are very picky plants. There could be a few diffrent reasons why your papaya's leaves are turning yellow. The plant may be root bound in the 5 gallon pot which restricts oxygen and water getting to the plant. You could be under watering it you always want to make sure that the soil is moist. You could also be over watering it you don't want the plant getting too much water because that can kill the plant too.

you should start bringin the plant in at night seeing as it is starting to get colder and these plants like the warm. once it drops below 75 I wouldnt keep it out anymore. I hope this helps!

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