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Is it possible to clone a persimmon tree

In the woods behind my house I came across a persimmon tree which I would like to have in my front yard. Anyone ever have any success rooting a cutting from a persimmon tree? If so, please share any insights. Everything I have seen online descibes growing them from seed.

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rooting a cutting, especially from an older tree, is notoriously difficult on these. if it were me, I'd go ahead and grow a few from seed (did this a couple years ago, actually), and then think about grafting material from the tree you like onto those little rootstocks. it may be possible to buy persimmon rootstocks somewhere, too, but I haven't seen them. I've had decent luck with grafting one american persimmon onto another (though it's gotta be a fairly young rootstock.).

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Persimmon grows from seed fairly easily. And has little enough viriability to make its use as a landscape pretty confident.

For that metter if you liked the fruit of the parent, you will most likely like the fruit of the children...

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