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Bradford Pear

My home is 13 yrs old. Landscaper that did the whole neighborhood planted bradford pears... since we live in tornado / high wind area - most of these trees look butchered. They are all sliced in half etc.. Anyhow, my tree is half dead from a lightning strike last year. I want to get rid of it completely but the husband wants to keep it. I do not have a picture to share - but my question is how bad of a person would I be if I had a 1/2 alive tree cut down. How soon can I plant another one, perhaps an evergreen in its place. Do I need to work anything special into the soil to help the new tree? I haven't cut it down yet, but it really is an eyesore, and trimming the dead off is only going to make it worse / and more susceptable to breaking from the high winds we sometimes get.
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If there are any wood turners in your area I think they would appreciate the trunk of your tree. Pear wood is super for turning.

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If it was hit by lightening take it down, that is what your local forestry department would tell you. You can plant anything suitable tree there as soon as you dig it out if it is planting season, except a pear, apple or medlar. Pome fruits will not be healthy there for at least 10-15 years, the pear tree is old enough that it willl have sent out substances into the soil to retard the growth of another pome type fruit where it was.

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Bradford Pears are also extremely invasive. So in reality the more of them we cut down, the better the health of our overall landscape will be.

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I don't like Bradford Pear trees.
There are a few around my house... planted by the previous owner. Every time a windstorm splits a big piece out of one, I just go ahead and cut the whole tree down.
I had to take one down earlier this year, after a storm blew half of it out. That tree was along the edge of our property, and it seemed too bare there after the Bradford Pear was gone. I replaced it with three 'Green Giant' Arborvitae. Those are small now, because I'm too cheap to buy big ones, but they should grow fast. :)

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