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Crape Myrtle leaves are turning yellow and falling

I have a Red rocket crape myrtle that I planted last year. It's blooming just fine but the leaves are turning splotchy yellow and falling to the ground.

I live in Dallas, TX. As you guys know, it has been very hot and dry this summer. I've watered the crape myrtle about once a week during the hottest time period but I don't feel that water is the cause of the problem.

I've looked up leaf spot and it looks similar to that, but our lawn service guy says its not- he says that this is an issue caused by the excessive heat. Is that true? If not, I need to treat the tree. If it is true, however, I guess I can't do much but watch the leaves fall off and wait until next spring.

As a side note, excluding our roses (which bloom but look a little sad), all the other plants near the crape myrtle seem fine with the heat and watering regiment.

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It takes some time for the plants roots to grow outside of the ball so maybe there were air pockets when you planted the crape. FYI don't ever take the advice of a lawn person unless they are a certified landscaper. You might want to use the end of your shovel after you water and tamp down the soil around the ball, because I cannot think of anything else besides pests that would cause your leaves to turn early.

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