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Please help identify this shrub

Hi sorry for posting another one of these but I am trying to identify the attached plant. I am putting raised beds into the garden and this shrub is going to have to be moved or replaced. It has been in the garden since we moved into the house so I'm not sure what it is.



I would like to know whether it is possible to take cutting from this shrub as late as August?


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Re: Please you help me identify this shrub

The shrub is a 'Rose of Sharon' – Hibiscus syriacus. It might be possible to propagate from cuttings but it grows easily and quickly from seed. If you watch the ground below you might find some seedlings coming up as volunteers. Rose of Sharon is also easy to transplant but it is best to wait until the shrub goes dormant.

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another type of Hibiscus..lots of varieties :)
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