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Trees and mulch

I've read about not allowing mulch to come in contact with the base of a trees trunk, so occasionally I'll clear it away from the trunk of my live oak (20 year old tree). It's not in a depression, but still the mulch seems to find its way to the trunk and there are some pockets that just seem to catch the mulch and trap it. So as I clear it away I've started to wonder...What about the trees in the woods, where there's leaves/mulch all over?

I'm going to do a trip real soon out to the woods, but until then anyone know how heavy mulch around the base of trees (in a natural setting) affects the health of trees in general?

BTW, I know there's a big difference between mulch consisting primarily of wood chips and leafy mulch. However when leafy mulch gets thick it can have the same effect around the base of a tree, from what I've seen.

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