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Sorbus Olympic flame leaf problem

Hi - hope you experts can help me here. Have bought a large (6ft high) container grown Mountain ash (Sorbus Olympic flame) from my local nursery.The leaves are now drooping and curled up curling inwards at the sides- esp the young leaves. Also some of them seem to have been eaten and are broken with brown edges along the edge where it appears to have been eaten. Only bought the tree a week ago and planted it the same day. No sign of caterpillars or any pests. Only thing I noticed in a couple of the rolled up leaves was a small white web like cocoon. Also, just sprayed it with bug killer (organic) and a small spider made a quick exit; couold this be the problem or just some wildlife? Any ideas on what I could have and how to cure it? Its a lovely tree, nice and sturdy and I would hate to lose it.

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Mark Stratford

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Generally if leaves are being eaten the pest should be identified otherwise the tree is healthy and doubt you'd lose it, but your problem started where you bought the tree not after you planted it. You should go back to them and of course they might faint innocence but far from it.

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