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Not a Question more of an observation about Hedges

My wifes Great Uncle had privet or box hedges since he owned the house. Every year he would have a neighborhood KID trim them. (read as wavy and uneven) he never (to the best of my knowledge) fertilizered or even watered for that matter, (just the rain). These hedges are now anywhere between 7 and 9 feet high. My wife decided she wanted them GONE. My son and I started removing them yesterday. They outsides were green and lush the insides brown and dead. We were pulling out the center branches and they were literally snapping in our hands. Deader than a doornail. BUT THOSE ROOTS WERE/ARE NOT COMING OUT!! At least by me by hand! :wink:

[img]https://i160.photobucket.com/albums/t163/evilscotsman1991/IMAG0165-1.jpg[/img] [img]https://i160.photobucket.com/albums/t163/evilscotsman1991/IMAG0177.jpg[/img] The second picture is with the first 3 hedges removed.

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