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Badlly winter burned Rododendrons! help

Hi all I have some rododendrons at my house and at my Dad's office and I take care of all of them. After this horid winter was over I notice that some big branches which I pruned of were missing. Not only that but alot of the leave's were curled up and faded, and some looked as if they had been burned. What should I do about this, because it is all over all my plants. So cant just prun the whole plant, or there would be nothing left!
Also I had a tree fall on one to, and it's leave's look bad to on top of that.
Please help! I need advice thanks. :?: :!: -wall-

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Wind burn does occur if they are planted in the wrong location, facing south, they should be facing northwest, but since you probably do not want to transplant I suggest you suck it up this year and next fall wrap the plants in burlap, it may look ugly but at least it will help some. Do not prune anymore. Make sure next winter that you water the plants, wind burn comes about with the wind drying up the mositure.

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If they lived there other winters, its windburn, New leaves will erupt. Shrub-life will go on.

Hold off on Mir-Acid fertilizer till after bloom.

Next fall maybe wrap them in burlap.
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