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Leyland cypress. Help please. I'm a novice at gardening.

Hello, all. This is my very first post.

I'm having problems w/ the 2 leyland cypress tress I have in the front yard. I'm in Houston, TX. It's been really dry lately. We water our yard regularly about 3x/week.

Both of the trees have needles that are turning yellow and then brown and then falling off the tress. It is happening from the bottom and on the inside of the tree. A little bit of new growth is happening at the outer tips of the branches but not much. the tops of the tress still look ok at this point.

Please help me with what to do before it's too late!

Thanks so much. :)

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This is what I found on the internet.

If you use the seaweed/fish stuff, you'll need the yellow hose end sprayer. The least expensive can be found at Home Depot or Lowe's. I think they both carry Alaska brand. It's organic. Last year it ran about $12 for a bottle. It does attract cats. It does stink like fish. It's my favorite, because it has other stuff and encourages beneficial things to happen.

Now if you don't care about organic, ammonium sulfate will provide the nitrogen, but not any other nutrients. You can use a spreader. It will probably go further.

Also you might want to cut the watering back. It's better to give a deep soak once or twice a week than too much. The trees will never develop the deep roots they need to tolerate drought and adapt to the soil.


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