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akebia quintata

Not sure if I'm on the right forum, but there's no vine forum, and this plant is surely WOODY! and it gets huge!

I have this akebia quintata that is eating my fence practically. I'd like to move it to a 2 story brick wall (my garage) that is in need of something soft. I know this can grow like at least 15 ft, so it should cover nicely. My question is has anyone successfully transplanted one? At the present it's twined around my 6 ft cedar fence, so I would have to do some trimming to get it off. It hasn't started leafing out yet. Would it be safe to transplant now?

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You'll have to prune it back to about 6" and dig a large ball, if it sits against a post don't worry but you might have to take out some rails to make sure to get a large enough ball.

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