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Caterpillar Infestation in Oak Tree Stunted Growth ?

Hi, first time post!

2 seasons ago we had a caterpillar infestation in one or our two oak trees in our front yard. Our home is 4 years old and the trees are around the same age. We live in Georgia (not sure if that helps with caterpillar identification).

Last season the tree was very late to leaf and I noticed several dead limbs that I eventually cut away from the tree.

Spring forward into this season the tree is stunted (about half the size as the other tree). Basically the tree has grown very little (if at all) from last season to this season. It also has "mini limbs" growing from the limbs, no new limbs have branched from the trunk from what I have observed.

So my long drawn out question is: What is going on with the tree, and is it a going to make it?

If you click in my photobucket I have included some pics of the tree.

Pic 1 is of the healthy tree that was planted at the same time as the caterpillar tree.

Pic 2 is of the caterpillar tree. Note the "mini limbs" branching off of the limbs. This is different than the healthy tree.

Pic 3 is of a Forsythia bush (I think) and am going to post a different question about it on a new thread.

Thanks so much,


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