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Should i dig it up?

Our hardy fushia which we've had for about 4 years seems dead.I noticed this today when doing abit of pruning and although it had grown into a small tree over the years it was dead wood to the ground.We've had an unusually cold winter in which the temperature dropped some nights down to -25C.Do you think it's totally dead?

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I'd give it a chance. -25 C (= -13F) is just a little outside the range it is rated for. If you had it mulched/ protected, it still might come back from the roots.

I had a redbud tree I thought was dead and intended to pull and then it surprised me and came back from the roots. And I had a little crabapple tree that seemed totally dead, which I did pull and threw on the woodpile. It sat there, roots exposed, no watering, no sun all through the fall and winter and in spring started growing again. I planted it back and it is doing fine!

Trees are tougher than non-woody plants, but still it could surprise you!
What do you have to lose by waiting awhile and see what happens?
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