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japanese maple tree

I have a beautiful Japanes maple tree planted in 2000. due to the excessive snow this winter, part of the tree split---any suggestons on how to repair this situation??
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It depends on how big the branch is that split, and how long and severe the split. I have successfully 'repaired' Japanese Maples and other trees using grafting tape and hose/guying wire. If the split isn't too severe, and the branch can be put back into place, you'll have a good chance for the repair to hold. I have also seen screws used, but have not tried that. Try the repair and you'll find out in a few weeks if the damaged part produces leaves. You'll probably need to keep the 'bandage' on for a year.

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>I have also seen screws used, but have not tried that<

A few years ago we had snow in late October when fall foliage was taking place--a number of our japanese maples had large cracks--we have a tree man who used screws--not a single maple was lost. Regards, Len
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