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Hedge fence

I live in Monterey County in California. We have bought a house and well the cost of putting in a new fence around the front is rather prohibitive and the guidelines from the city are rather silly.
So these guidelines do not seem to apply to hedges :)
What I would like is a plant that grows around 5 feet, has little or no scent and would suit a beginner gardener.
I would prefer nothing that is too wide and maybe something that does not require loads of watering (not due to being lazy, just would prefer less water usage). And what time of year they are best planted.
Oh and I would say the yard is full sun (6 hours a day)

Any suggestions would be great, or links to online sources.

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This happens to be a really great resource for native plants of all sorts. Native plants are already adapted to your area and you can make drought tolerant selections. You can put in your area and look for shrubs then narrow the choice as you like with their advanced search.

USDA zone 7b/8a (depending on the year and microclimate :-)), AHS heat zone 8-9, Eastern Crosstimbers/Grand Prairie ecozones

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Hedge fence

Hey, xengab.I love Monterey County. I used to live in Marin County.
I searched the Sunset Western Garden Book (a must have for western gardeners)
and found a couple plants that fit your criteria. They are
Grevillea ‘Noellii’ and Leptospermum scoparium ‘Ruby Glow’. Get
the Sunset book and I’m sure you will find others. Enjoy your new home.
Ken here with The Home Depot in the Chicago area

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