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Should Cut Branch Stumps be Sealed?

When I cut branches off a tree should I seal the stumps? :shock:

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My guess is that you want to kill the tree?

Yes, you can seal the stumps with bees wax to prevent the trees from coming back.

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Should cut branch stubs be sealed?

Branches removed from a tree should be cut just below the collar (the swelling that is more prominant on the underside of the branch), don't cut into the collar or there will be die back into the trunk that may allow in insect or pathogen infestations. A tree naturally heals itself with wound response wood. If by chance an infection per say from improperly sterilize pruning equipment, or simply pruning when a plant is suceptible to disease, by sealing the wound you would inadvertantly seal in an invader. There is less chance of the tree/shrub when pruned to decline if simply left to its own natural healing process. I hope this is helpful :D Janet, Horticulture Tech, Ottawa Region

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Hi Calvin,

Here's a site that shows how to make the cuts. And I agree, don't seal them.


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