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Turning Trees Into Topiaries

Hello, So I have a very Italian taste when it comes to landscaping and curb appeal.

I don't really love bushes and trees looking natural, but love them pruned into shapes and providing visual interest. I like each planting to look like a piece of art, rather than provide symmetry. I'm not saying I need mickey mouse on my lawn, but I like my spirals and pom pom shrubs.


Can I take a 3 or 4 foot blue spruce or any other evergreen and cut the top off and re-shape it without it killing the tree??

I've seen White Pine, Austrian Pine, and Blue Spruce pruned into spheres and Standard form shrubs and I was wondering if they were trees at one time and just got the tops chopped off.

Thank you

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You can whatever your heart desires but do it in the winter early spring before new buds form or else it might look sickly during the growing season. Start slow and work on it year after year, it could take 5 years before it looks like you want it to.

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