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boston ivy problem

so after the boston ivy green is destroyed and off the building, i have a tangled root system to remove. what type of tool other then shovel and rake and lots of strenth and indurance can be used ?

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I always use a sturdy digging fork for those types of roots. It will probably take a few years to be completely rid of it...just keep pulling any small sprouts that you find.

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The roots go deep and are thick so I would use a pick axe and some Roundup at the exposed tips but if you had a small back hoe that would be much better. I had wild grape and not until I brought in a bull dozer, empty land, did it eradicate the grape. The roots go on seeminly for miles.

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I have eradicated english ivy a couple different places I've lived. If it is where you can mow it, just keeping the area mowed does a good job of eradicating it. Otherwise I just strip it out -- works best after a good rain -- and keep after all the new shoots as they come back.
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