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Frangipanis not flowering :( How to maximise flowers?


My Frangipanis - all 4 of them including one Plumeria obtusa - have not set any flowers again this year! :evil: It must be something I did because I had the same problem last year, whereas they all flowered fine in '08 and '07.

What could be the problem?! I have not pruned them in the past two years, so it's not that. I did re-pot them though.

What helps Frangipanis to flower well?

Thanks :)

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Although I have limited experience with these -- I had them oh, nearly 20 yrs ago.... -- not flowering is usually due to insufficient light or to too much nitrogen fertilizer in ratio to phosphorous and potassium. Perhaps the potting soil mix you used to repot with contained wrong kind of fertilizer.

Condition of the foliage should reveal the cause.

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