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Looking for input about Sourwood (Oxydendron arboreum)

A tree I hadn't considered before... but I was looking for one that would flower mid-summer. Bloom period is listed as late June through end of July but one blog said theirs was in full bloom in first week of August.

Area under consideration is the front yard -- packed clay subsoil but well draining if I plant high on a mound. I can choose between area that stays dry in winter or area that stays wet/frozen through winter and becomes soppy soggy early spring. Full sun.

What do you think?

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My sourwood has been in the ground for 5 or 6 years and is proving to be slow. I will get some bloom from it this year but don't have anything yet. I'm sure mine is NOT getting as much light as it would like and the soil drains poorly but it a nicely shaped litle tree right now.

I also expect it to outgrow it's spot as soon as it gets it's head above the Kalmia. I should cut out a few smallish red maples that are leaning badly. The problem is that they are leaning in the wrong direction and are sure to trash some stuff on the way down. :cry: If you know what I mean...

I know of a couple of mature ones and they DO get big. I just think they need the right spot to do that...
Got anything good that's Z6 hardy?

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