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Tree with two trunks, can I remove one?

Hi, moved into my house six months ago and just starting to look at getting the garden sorted. I'd quiet like to keep the tree in but was thinking it might look better if I removed the thinner 'trunk' but don't know if this would damage the tree at all or make it to unstable. This is all new to me and wondering what anyone with a bit more know-how would recommend?! Also if anyone happens to know what type of tree it is, have taken a picture of the leaves and also it had red berries on it in the autumn.

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Leave it alone it is a focal point. It's an oak tree. Why do you want to mess with Mother Nature. Chanes are if you take away one stem you will have tons of new suckers then you'll be worse off.

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The pic that shows the leaves sure do make it look like it may be an oak but the red berries in fall is throwing me off a bit.
Bull is right about suckers though. You could end up fight with them for years and still never get the tree to "shape" up. :) Sometimes you gotta go with what nature gives you.

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I think that Bullthistle was a bit harsh :roll: ...

It still looks fairly young and I don't know the history of the tree as to when it was planted and such so I'd say just allow it to grow up a bit more and if the second trunk ends up becoming a problem then you might consider removing it. Until then though you should probably let it continue growing to prevent killing it. Thistle is however correct about the suckers which is another reason you should wait to see how the tree grows as it gets older.

Hope this helps :D

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