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Cedar tree question

A branch of the cedar tree in the front lawn grew one of its branches under ground and formed a second pair of roots. So I cut the branch medial to trunk then took that cutting and transplanted it. Its been there for almost 2 years.

Ok, I don't know much about cloning or growing from clippings on a cedar tree. Can any body please tell me how to clone a cedar? My idea is to cut a brach off and stick into the soil and maybe add something to help make it form roots. Other way is look for a really long branch and try and burry it for a while like what happened.

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It is not as easy as you beleive. You could lay a branch in the soil, pinned to the soil and it may sprout roots, or you can take cuttings, with some old growth and stick it in rooting medium and into a mix of sand & compost and keep moist and out of the sun and whallah you could have a new plant. You can Google to see when the proper time to take rooted cuttings, it's not always spring or fall.

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Sounds like air layering (which I think on cedar would probably be done in early spring). It's not too complicated, but my luck with it has been hit or miss. In general, it consists of stripping a ring of bark from the branch to be rooted, Applying rooting homone powder, wrapping it with a rooting medium, and a lot of waiting. It's a fairly common practice, so there's lots of in-depth info on the web.

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