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Red Bud Tree Pics

Sprucelady here... further to my previous post (MAY 27) regarding my red bud.. here are some pics... (I hope you can see them)...





Anyway, any advice would be helpful... Need to save Judy (that's the name of my tree)...


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Sad to say but it looks as if it is dead. Lightning or other items seemed to have damaged the bark and with a cold winter I am afraid to tell you that it is DOA. Normally red buds are healthy so the damage to your tree had to be intense in nature because here in NC they sprout up everywhere for the seeds dropped by birds. That said it also could be a combination of poor soil structure too. I know in my yard they are becoming invasive. I would suggest that you find a 1 or 5 gallon plant and retry. They are fast growers so it is not neccesary to pay for an expensive replacement.

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