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Pyrus Calleryana Chanticleer Query

I planted three Chanticleer a couple of years ago and they've grown well.

Last January I decided to buy another three and plant them in the same line.

Now the new trees are in full leaf...except the leaf size is a quarter of the size of their older cousins. I've checked with the nursery who insist they are chanticleer and the leaves do look very similar.

However, it does look like a different species with the much smaller leaf.

Could I have a strain that just happens to have a smaller leaf size or should I expect the leaves to get much larger in future years...or have I got the wrong tree?!

Thank you

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First year after planting will be hard to tell since the shock of being dug and then replanted aren't exactly the same as the ones planted for a while. Or yes it could be a different variety altogether. Next year you'll be able to judge better. It could be it came from a totally different nursery and that strain could be different. So may different variables.

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