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Palm Blew Over But Now has New Growth - Can I Save it?

So, I had a row of queen palms put in... shoot, I have to guess about 18 months ago... probably a little more.

Anyhow, 4 of 5 are growing great, however one blew over in the wind about 2-3 months ago. I tried re-staking (though it was a feeble attempt), and have even tied the palm off to two points on a nearby fence.

There is new growth on the palm within the last month.

When I grab the trunk, I can move the tree and see a disturbance in the soil.

Sorry I don't have much more to go on than that, however if somebody thinks they can truly assess the situation from pics or video I can arrange that.

My question is: Should I try to re-stake and tie it up, or should I remove and put in another tree now to try to keep the tree line the same (or close)? Should I try to dig it up and re plant it in it's same spot? Does anybody have an alternate solution?

This is happening in the same planter that I am referring to back filling in another thread.

Thanks in advance!!!!

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Stake it studier right next to the plant so the wind doesn't move it.

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Thanks Bull. Did put in a sturdier stake however I think I discovered a worse problem.

While digging up a couple old hop roots (opposite side of the yard), to see if I could pull off a rhizome or two for a friend, I noticed I had nothing but rotten root balls :-(

I also noticed a lot of what I first thought to be caterpillars, however upon further examination, and some help from google, I seem to have found that they must be beetle larvae. While I know I've always fought June Beetles (scarabs? Those green guys...), in my veggie garden, I never knew that they could actually cause damage to roots.

After looking at the palm (and recollection fromk seeing them about a year prior), I did notice several, small, well what look to be eggs. I also looked at the adjacent palm tree, and have found a new batch of eggs.

Well, long story short, I'm going to pull the fallen palm out and replant, and I'm going after them with some Carbaryl Sevin-5. This is all the help at Lowes could offer. Does anybody have experience with this stuff, and/or fighting beetle Larvae in general?

Thanks again!

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I would take a few of the larvae to the nearest Extension Service office, to see if they could help provide a definite ID. Sevin is pretty nasty stuff. I've never used it myself, but you can enter it into the Search function here -- up on the black tool bar -- and learn quite a lot about it. It's been discussed on several threads over the past couple of years, at least.

Once you have a definite ID for what you're fighting, the best way to go, IMO, would be to buy some beneficial nematodes, or for Japanese beetle grubs, some Milky Spore powder (Bacillus popillae-Dutky). The Extension Service, if they're able to ID the grubs for you, will also probably be able to offer suggestions for safe controls, as well. :)
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