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White Stuff on Mulberry Tree Leaves

Hello everyone,
I have three mulberry trees in my front yard and one of them has these white stuff on the leaves, if I leave my car under it overnight its cover with some sticky stuff kind of like tree zap.

Does anyone know what it is and how to kill what ever insect is causing it?
Front of leaf


Back of leaf


three white thingies on this one.

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It's very difficult to tell from the photos you posted. There appears to be evidence of some kind of fungus (the fuzzy-looking stuff) in the first two pictures, as well as leaf miners (an insect larva that lives inside leaves), and the last picture looks like it might show the eggs of some insect.

As I said, though, the pictures are too dark and blurry to make a positive ID. Sorry I can't be of more help. :(
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One thought ...try sqeezing a little of the ' fluff ' between your fingers.
If it leaves a red stain...then it's woolly aphid.
This aphid produces a fluff..cotton wool like substance around the colony as protection.
Small amounts can be killed by painting with metholated spirits.
Sprays don't penetrate the wool very easily.
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I can definitely see leaf-miner trails but that doesn't explain the fuzzy stuff. Doesn't look quite like woolly aphids but it's possible. Looks more like a fungus to me.

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If you have a fungal infection the solution is an aerated compost tea, spray the plant a few times a week.

The point is to establish a healthy population of flora and fauna on the leaves which will keep the pathogens at bay.
Feed the soil, not the plants.

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