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My shrubs are dying!

I recently planted 7 shrubs, some are doing ok, some are dying, one definitely is 99% dead. It has been over 100 degress here in california lately. Some of the leaves are half way dead and the other half is alive. Can any one help me or tell me what is wrong with my shrubs. this is the first time I do gardening and I don't want to be discouraged.


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August is not a planting month, esp. in southern California. Most authorities, including Sunset Publications' Western Garden Book, recommend planting trees and shrubs in October--maybe even later in your area.

The idea is to have the plant acclimate to having been planted and then benefit from winter rains and cool temps while it sends out new feeder roots and prepares new foliage.

I strongly recommend the Western Garden Book as an authority on all things to do with gardening in the western states and provinces.

You'll also find helpful information on how large to dig planting holes for shrubs and trees, how to stake them if needed, and so on.

I hope it works out!

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I think it would be easier to offer advice if we knew what kind of shrubs you have. To begin with, few plants do well if transplanted during very hot weather. Most shrubs are planted in the fall or early spring. That doesn't mean that your shrubs are doomed, but they may need quite a bit of care if they are to survive. Do you know what kind of shrubs they are? It would also help if you were to post some pictures of them.

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My shrubs are Waxleaf Ligustrum - Ligustrum japonicum "Texanum". The leaves of the shrub that is 99% dead are half dead (tip), right after that section there is a brown section about 1/8" to 1/4" (middle) then the ok section. I planted the shrubs between two block walls that are about 2 feet apart. I read somewhere that plants close to block walls get damaged fairly easily. Hope this helps more so you can give a better advise. The weird thing is that only one is dying really fast and the other ones are holding on to life. Good thing they have warranty hahaha.

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