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Japanese maple, leaves are drying/browning

Hello, I bought and planted a Fireglow Japanese maple tree. Its 10 years old and about 8ft in height. Three weeks ago when I planted it and last week thr leaves started drying up. Now about 50% of the leaves are dry. Is my tree dying??? I followed the nurseries suggestiin of putting Transplant fertilizer for the roots.
If my tree shed its leaves before the fall will my tree grow back in the spring? Please help.....thanks

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Hello and welcome.
I don't know much about trees. There is a section about trees further down where you can post this question.
Have you given it plenty of water?

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Welcome to the forum! Hope you find it friendly and helpful. I took Diane's suggestion and moved your post to the Tree section where a lot more people will see it who may have the answer.

I'm not any expert on Japanese maples, but I would think it would always be difficult for a ten year old tree to be transplanted and I would expect some transplant shock. If that is the only problem, then I would expect it to come back in the spring, once it has gotten roots established.

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I've read a bit on Jap Maples, because I was interested in making on into a bonsai.

Did you plant it in full sun? It could be sun scorch.
My dad's Jap Maples have this problem, he planted it in our south facing front yard.

And it could be a mixture of that with the shock of transplanting it. Good luck with your tree.

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