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Ficus Benjamina question

So I planted this bush or tree a week ago.It was 3 ft. tall and already has 1 ft. of new growth coming out of the top.I hear it will get big as I want it to.Any ideas on how tall it will get?Best type fert. for this bush?Thanks :)

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Apparently these guys can get 20 to 30 feet tall! And nearly as wide...

But I'm sure they won't get that big kept in a reasonable size pot.

I have one that I got as a teeny baby a few inches high in a 3" pot. A few (5 or 6?) years later it is now 5' tall in 3 gallon or so pot. But not showing any sign of wanting to get 30' tall.

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Don't they have invasive, destructive roots? I know some figs do, but I'm not sure about F. benjamina.

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I saw this post and decided to look up the tree, I found a nice pic of the root structure of this type of tree :arrow:


yeah it does look pretty destructive I would plant it away from everything else just incase

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