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Peach tree problem

I want to plant a peach tree but I have a septic tank and field on one side of the yard and a pool on the other side. I want the tree but I not sure where to plant it?

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I wish I knew more about peach trees - I'm working on it! - but I would think if there is a good spot near the end of the septic field, it should be pretty happy. You don't want it along the field or near the tank (roots= problems).

I wouldn't think being situated some space from the pool would be an issue either.

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Peach Trees:

South Side of the house, against a wall. Just Espalier it along the wall. Works great.

Build up some good soil for it to grow in and ferilize it with Liquid Fish fertilizer.

Nectarines are great to!

Incidentally, you can get these tiny little peach trees that only get about 3 feet high as well. They are pretty cool. Though, I forget their name.

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Genetic Dwarf Peach trees; they are neat; easily kept in a pot, but small fruit and later bloom times. Still I have eye-balled them... :)

There are dwarf trees for smaller spaces, even a semi-dwarf won't take up too much space Try 'Bonfire' ; Zone 5 to Zone 9 and pretty when it flowers...


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