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intro and question re weeping willows

Hi , I'm brand new to this forum and so pleased to be connected!
We live on a cozy suburban lot. I've scoped out a spot that I think will work to plant a weeping willow tree. I've heard it's important to be careful about sewer lines. How far is a safe distance from sewer lines? Any other warnings? thanks!

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Welcome to the forum; we are very pleased you found us. Hope you find it friendly and helpful.

I took the liberty of moving your post to the tree section where more people will see it that might might be able to answer your question about the willow tree.

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Hi Kristin.

As a willow can have a spread upwards of 35 ft and its roots can go well beyond that, it needs to be planted well away from drains and sewage systems.
They can be real devils if they find any pipe work and their roots grow at a very fast unless you have plenty of very carefull.

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