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Wilting Willow.... : (

I planted a Dappled Willow shrub a couple of weeks ago and after a few days the leaves started to wilt and drop of. We had a few hot days but I was sure to keep the plant watered well. Any ideas as to what could be happening? I have several other shrubs planted in the same area that seem to be thriving. From what I've read about Willows they are pretty resilient but my poor addition is not doing well at all. Any suggestions are appreciated. I found a few other tips on other sites and just to answer any of those questions that may come up......there are not any bugs to be found, we haven't had a cold snap, and I haven't sprayed an pesticides : )

Nat (the aussie gardener)

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It might just be transplant shock, especially if the tree also had to cope with hot weather. Leaf drop immediately following transplanting is not unusual.

I would say that, unless the tree is showing other symptoms, in addition to the leaf drop, just be patient with it. It should bounce back soon.

As you noted, willows are pretty tough plants. Continue to provide it with good care, and give it some time to adjust to its new home. :)

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