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sensitive plant question

i know its related to the memosa but how well do they do outside? I recently bought 4 of them and not sure if I should indoor pot them or plant them outdoors. I would prefer to plant at least 2 of them outside. I googled this but cant seem to find an answer. Any help would be great. Thanks!

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Mimosa seed easily in NC so you should have no problem raising them outside in CA however be knowledgeable in the fact that they are weak trees so storms can raise havoc with them and the seeds can be a pain

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the small, herbaceous plant is what you're looking for info on, right? should probably do alright outside where you are, provided you can provide enough water. i've seen hillsides of it in central america. pretty cool watching the path you took up a hill slowly vanishing when you turn around.

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They like perpetually warm, humid enviornments. As long is there is enough moisture, they should do fine.
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