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Small Trees

Hey all nice to meet you :) I Don't have very much space in my garden, its mostly paved and we have two side boxes which we have to keep covered at all times coz of cats I really want some trees. I don't know where on earth I could put them as I want plants along the fence and it has some climbing plants allready, My sister mentioned maybe I could get some Patio Trees and have them in pots, I was wondering what types you would recommend? Would it be possible to keep them in pots forever and maybe get bigger pots as they get bigger? As you can tell I'm still learning so advice is appreciated!

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There are a number of small trees that do well in containers. I don't know where you are or what your climate is. Some general suggestions for container trees include: dwarf alberta spruce, holly, japanese maple, vine maple, dwarf citrus, boxwood, crepe myrtle, redbud. But you need to find trees that grow in your area. A number of regular trees are available in dwarf varieties, so look for trees that thrive where you are and then look for dwarf versions.

Here's a nice little article on growing trees in containers: how to grow a potted tree

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