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What can I do to combat dog urine on my tree??

I already had some words with my neighbor when I caught her letting her dog pee on my fairly new tree!!! I put up a fence around the tree so dogs cannot get near the trunk anymore. (Unfortunatly The tree is about 4 feet from the sidewalk) Eventually I will be putting up a fence. Now it doesnt look that good and Im gonna guess that is part of the problem, as well as the fact it is a new transplant as of this past march. What can I do now to get it to start going back to the right direction?? I know things happen slowly with trees, please help before it gets worse.

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The main problem with pee is the it is very high in nitrogen, which burns plants. Start by watering the tree thoroughly to help rinse away the excess nitrogen.
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Theres some pet neutralizing lawn treatment that helps correct the ph balance, but I don't like chemicals much. I'd run a hose there for a good while and let it completely dilute the urine.

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