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How do I bring back to life my shrubs that are dying


I have a few shrubs that are real nice when they are healthy. I recently had to spray for weeds and it looks that some of the shrubs got a little on them and are starting to die. Some of the bushes/shrubs are still alive. Is there hope to restore them?

Do you have any ideas that would help me in restoring them? :?: :cry: [/b]

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Sorry, but what has been done can not be undone.

Weeds are a fact of life in the garden; they are God's way of saying you didn't mulch enough so now you have to pay the price and weed. Dead shrubs are God's way of saying "NO shortcuts!" Really, I find weeding to be a most enjoyable meditation; it's mindless work that allows you to drift into big thoughts with no effort, and it's good exercise. And if you put down enough mulch, it's easy! So less chemicals, more elbow grease and mulch...

Sorry for your loss, but think of it as a valuable lesson in why you should go organic...


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Hi Luv,
Sorry to have to agree with Scott, but it sounds like herbicide damage. I would suggest that you be patient until next year to see if they shrubs recover. You may need to prune any dead branches.

Try pulling weeds after a rain when the ground is easier to work. Putting down a 3" layer of mulch will help to keeps weeds away and make it easier to pull them when they do sprout. Try and keep at the weeds, just a few minutes once a week to check the area and pull what doesn't belong will go a long way at keeping them managed.

If you need sites on pruning shrubs, just let us know.

Good luck,

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