rose of sharon companion

I have a rose of sharon I planted but it is all alone and I wanted to know what to do about planting something near it. I was told it gets really big any ideas. I wondered if it should be with other shrubs or could I plant flowers near it or uner it. How does it look at the bottom of the shrub?

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The bottom of Hibiscus syriacus will get woody and tree-like with the passage of time, so a low underplanting makes good sense. If you're looking for an evergreen (good contrast in winter), Russian cypress or leucothoe (or both) would look great. Want another flower? Big leaf hydrangea ('Endless Summer' is a new favorite; blooms forever on new wood), deutzia, or weigelia (I think 'Wine and Roses' would look great) would work well as companions. At least they would for me; can't tell where you're from, so check hardiness...


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