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Holly Bushes looking peaked

I live in the Cleveland, Ohio area and have about four Holly Bushes on the North side of my home. They are partially covered by the overhang of our roof but get better than 5 hours of sun per day. They are losing leaves and look kind of weak right now. Does anyone know what I can do to help them out. Pruning or fertilizer help would be appreciated. What kind of fertilizer should I use to invigorate them? They get plenty of water since I have flowers around them and the area is mulch covered.

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It sounds as if they are not getting enough water. Transplanted a 10' double leader in the summer in NC by having a bulldozer dig a hole and popping up the small tree and I'd water every so often, no water on the lot yet, and it's still green. Hollytone.

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Can you give a better description of what you mean by peaked? Many hollies will get yelow leaves that results from some very specific nutrient deficiencies that may occur on higher pH soils. In the case of hollies, by higher pH I mean anything above 6.0. If there is leaf yellowing what does it look like when you examine an individual leaf? Do you know the type of holly you are dealing with?

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