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What Is This Beatiful Bush?

Saw this driving around the other day, sorry the picture isn't of better quality but all I had is my Iphone. I really want to get one of these but I don't know what it is, can someone help me out?


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At that distance and resolution, it could be a very large rose bush or two of them which grew together.

There's a house here in El Cerrito with a to-die-for gingko tree. The tree turns a beautiful butter yellow from top to toe in the fall. Almost no other trees around here change color; too many juniper/conifer types and various varieties of oak which go directly from green leaves to brown ones. *sigh*

I wanted to have DH take a picture of the gingko tree from a particular angle (which would necessitate him standing on their property), so I left a note on the owner's porch with my first name, my email address, and my phone number (but not my street, house number, or last name; I don't give those pieces of info away at the same time to people I don't know). I got an email from a "hotmail"-type account saying "Yes, take the picture."

Maybe you can drop a note by these folks' house? Or, if you know the street address, send them a--gasp! :shock:--written note asking what the plant is? Again, restrict how much info you give them, and maybe get their attention by hand-addressing the envelope to

Owners of the Gorgeous Bush by the Road
1234 Main Street
My Town, State

Just an idea, but maybe it will work for you at least as well as it did for me?

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