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maple tree leaves all dead

My 22 year old maple tree leafed out this spring but the leaves never fully developed. They curled and turned brown and look to be dead, although they are all still on the tree. This is the entire tree , not just isolated branches This has been a beautiful tree but I do not want to look at a dead tree all summer if there is no chance it will bloom next spring. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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If the dead leaves are hanging on the tree and the tree is not trying to bud then the tree must be dead.

I had a maple tree do the same thing to me about 5 years ago. I was afraid to cut it down it might be fine next spring. Wrong answer my tree was DEAD as DEAD gets by next spring most of the bark had fallen off, all the small limbs had fallen off too. Only nice thing about leaving it stand for a year the wood was dry and it made some great fire wood.

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What kind of maple? If it was a sugar or norway-type maple it may have had a wilt. Did the trunk flare out at the soil line or go straight down, or have a flat side? Then a girdling root may have been part of the problem. If you can safely do so, cut off one of the lower branches and see if there is any green left under the bark. If so, your tree may have a chance, but I'm afraid it sounds rather grim. I watched mine die over the last two years, helpless. Now my full shade back yard is full sun. You have my sympathy.
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