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transplant azaleas

I just moved a large group of azaleas that are probably 50 years old, they were planted in a bunch so that there are thirty or so grouped together that looked like a single plant , 8 to 10 feet tall and 25 or so feet around. Of course when they separated they are spindly single or triple stalked plants, I am going to spread them out around my yard, should I cut the stalks back , so that they are maybe a couple feet from the root ball, or should I just plant them as they are, and hope that they fill out now that they have some room

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I transplanted an old azalea last year. I did not cut the trunk back. I only do that when a plant has become scraggly looking and needs rejuvenation. If, however, in the process of moving your plants, the roots get disturbed a lot ... perhaps during the separation ... you may find it necessary to prune back the top growth a bit.

Make sure you water the azaleas every day for the first several weeks. You don't want to drown them, of course, but you want to keep the soil moist. :)

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