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Speaking Of Rose of Sharon...

I am a new home owner and I am learning a lot of new stuff.
One, I like flower gardens.
One of the coolest things that I like is that my backyard is
completely surounded by rose of sharon hedges.
It's a great natural barrier.
My front yard isn't so lucky. It has a mix of many different hedges including thorn bushes.
I want to remove the hedges in the front yard and have the rose of sharon trees continue down to the front yard.
How can I do this? Does the rose of sharon produce a seed that I can plant? Can I save the seeds if they are produced?
Thanks, Jay

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Older ROS do throw seeds; newer forms do not. I'd probably look to start root divisions off of the plants you have; look for new shoots near the base, dig them and root them out, then plant them where you want them. Thorn bushes are probably japanese barberry, a nasty invasive, and that's a good reason to rip them out right there 8)


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