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Please help with fungus on rowan and my privet hedge

Hi all, I am new here.
Gald to be a part of what looks like a friendly place to chat all things gardening ;)

I have a recent problem with my rowan and my privit hedge, they both seem to have the same fungus thing growing on them, it is a dry powdery grey fungus which is only on the bark and close up it looks like miniture coral if that helps....

What can I do about it ? my rowan and privit hedge suffered at the hands of the flood a couple of years ago if thats any info, also the rowan is very late coming into leaf now and the buds a very sparce.

Hope someone can help identify and cure this before its too late.

Kindest regards,



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It's lichen, and maybe some moss.

I don't know where you're located, but in my area, almost every tree or shrub that is more than about 5 years old has lichen and moss growing on the bark. I have yet to see either do any harm to a tree or shrub, but I certainly could be wrong. :)

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Thanks Kisal,

This started last year, and this year it is taking over the tree and hedge !!! the tree is certainly suffering as it has only half the buds this year.

If it is a lichen how can I get rid of it ?


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Mmmm doing a bit of reading up on lichens and it seems Kisal is correct about them not being the cause of the rowans problem. Cheers again Kisal.

The hedge is fine in appearence even though the lichens are quite visible were as the rowan is certainly ill in some way.

I read that lichens only populate plants that are not 100% healthy and maybe feeding the tree and hedge might help.

As I said the hedge looks fine but the tree has only produced half the buds/leafage this year.

any ideas what might cause this. the tree was waterlogged 2 years ago just before the first lichens appeared so I have since been out and spiked the ground around the roots (not too close) to a depth of 1m and filled them with sharp sand to help the soggy ground drain.

any other ideas are most welcome.

Thank you.

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