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Whats your favorite flowering tree and why?

I can't pick one I love them all!

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Redbud because its a sign that winter is behind us followed closely by Cornus florida.

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So hard to choose!! :mrgreen:

I think my favorite is the Kwanzan flowering cherry...I'm planning on planting one of those in my front yard this year. The flowers are pretty, but the bark is beautiful too!

But my honorable mentions go to the dogwood and to the redbud :D

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Known by a whole host of names.... Serviceberry, Sarvisberry (sarvis), shadblow, sugarberry and saskatoon....., Amalenchier is a a harbinger of spring for me. Our local species is A. Arborea but there are many others, all of which are reputed to be wonderful white bloomers..... and some with the added benefit of being good fruit producers.

Like Bullthistle, I am also partial to redbud.... what a show it puts on here in the Valley in our woodlands.
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Redbud for me too! But I also love rodedendron (more like a shrub though) and dogwood too. Oh, and magnolia! Hate crabapples! Mainly cause they get fungus too easily and lose their leaves in august!

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I like magnolias. To me, you shouldn't be allowed to have a home in the South without one. I even have a painting of a magnolia blossom over my bed.

I also like crepe myrtles. This could be because growing up we had a giant magnolia in the front yard, and a backyard full of crepe myrtles. ;)
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