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Suggestions for small evergreen shrub (full sun)?

I am landscaping the front of my house and would like to plant several small evergreen shrubs in front of my porch. The porch is only slightly elevated (less than 2 ft) with no railings, so I need shrubs that will stay pretty close to the ground but still give off some nice green color. Anybody know of a nice shrub -- probably a dwarf variety -- that grows no larger than 2-3' high? I am looking for something that can take full sun and that requires little maintenance (although occasional pruning is okay). My landscaper suggested the dwarf gardenia, but I read they can be finicky to grow. Any thoughts? TIA!

Edited to add that I am located in North Carolina (Zone 7A).

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Perhaps a Boxwood (genus Buxus) would do, one of the best species being Buxus microphylla 'compacta', seeing as how small it is. And I'm fairly sure there hardy to USDA hardiness zone 7.

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Crepe Myrtle

Two National Arboretum introductions of Crepe Myrtle might be of interest. Chickasaw and Pokomoke are both dwarf cultivars that should stay under 3 feet in height. Definitely will give color in summer, but will probably be deciduous in zone 7, but plenty hardy as they were bred to survive zonbe 6 winters.

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Don't have a clue where in NC you are but in Charlotte Euonymous "Emerald Gaiety" does well, any low spreading Juniper and Cotoneaster is semi-evergreen, flowers about now and has red berries through the winter.

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